If you have just obtained your first credit card from a bank or from a department store, it is very important that you know when your court and payment dates are, two very different things that if they are not known will make you default on your payments to finally be in the credit bureau.

Avoid falling into a credit bureau – Pay your loans on time

Avoid falling into a credit bureau - Pay your loans on time

Of course, that is not the end of the world and there are several ways to erase yourself from the list – of which we will talk about later – but to avoid this from happening you must keep in mind some points.

Punctuality of payments

To make your payment on time you must know your payment date. This comes in the statement that you receive, either at your address or electronically. You must make the payment BEFORE the indicated date or at the latest that same day.

If you make your payment out of time, you will be charged interest, which is defined by each institution, and to which you must also pay attention.

Avoid impulsive purchases

Avoid impulsive purchases

The offers are specially designed to persuade the consumer to make a purchase. The famous 6, 12, 18 and up to 20 months without interest make items or objects that otherwise would be very difficult to acquire achievable. But do not get carried away by the impulse and think with a cool head. Buy what you really want and / or need.

Companies sometimes increase the prices of their products to be included in the promotion of months without interest, so it is preferable to quote in different places and take into account the reputation of the store.

There is everything out there and you can find yourself from bad companies, to those that really think about your business, take care of your clients and consent to them with real offers. It is important to learn to distinguish them.

Payment capacity

Payment capacity

Months without interest can cause you to lose control of your expenses and end up with a large account to pay at the end of the month. This is why you should know how much you can allocate to your card payments on a monthly basis.

As a recommendation, subtract your monthly income from the expenses you have each month to know the amount you will have to invest and what you can spend.